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Roundcube is my favourite webmail package at the moment. It is lightweight and provides an effective user experience thanks to extensive use of AJAX.

I have used the Roundcube Plugin API to write a couple of plugins to get some functionality I needed/wanted, and I've put them here in case some find them useful.

All feedback/comments/questions is appreciated, feel free to drop me an e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Or even better, as your input can be valuable for others as well, post a comment at the bottom of this page.


Plugin that displays some basic server info. It is also possible to add custom fields and use dynamic variables.

Main focus is server names, port numbers and capabilities, to make it easier for the users to configure their third party mail clients.


Note added 6 January 2015: I have not updated this plugin in a long time, and it might not work with the latest RoundCube version. It looks like it exists a very similar maintained plugin named moreuserinfo-plugin, so consider downloading that instead.

Last updated 2009-11-06 [changelog]: rcube_plg_serverinfo.tar.gz /



Plugin that covers the non-admin part of Vexim web interface.

This plugin is for servers running Exim as MTA with Vexim to administrate the virtual domains/users. All user settings that can be configured in Vexim, is possible to alter with this plugin: Change password, spam and virus settings, autoresponder, forwarding and header rules. Admins will be directed to Vexim when they need to do tasks above user level.

Can be used with a standard Vexim installation, and also support three recommended Vexim customizations: disable clear text passwords, automove spam to subfolder, and nightly parsing of spam folders (see howto). The howto also describes how to get a Roundcube-style login page in Vexim.


Note added 6 January 2015: I have not updated this plugin in a long time, and it might not work with the latest RoundCube version. There appears to be a maintained fork on, you should probably go ahead and use that instead. There is also a maintained FreeBSD port/package available. (Thanks guys!)

Last updated 2009-11-12 [changelog]: rcube_plg_veximaccountadmin.tar.gz /


The ServerInfo plugin currently includes English, German, Russian, Polish and Norwegian translations. VeximAccountAdmin is available in English, French and Norwegian. To translate to another language, use the included as a template and save it in UTF-8 encoding. And please send me the language file so I can add it to the package!


These plugins are provided "as-is". They worked for me and will probably work for you, but I can not guarantee it. The plugins are released under the GNU GPL license.

Other RoundCube Plugins

Check out The Official Roundcube Plugin Repository for a collection of other plugins made by the community.

Comments (30)
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  • Roman  - Plug-ins do not work
    Plug-ins do not work.
    Correct, please, the new version
  • PICCORO Lenz McKAY  - plugins works inclusive in 1.0
    plugin serverinfo works weell, need fine tune in config file.. great work, i see that myrouncube plugin userinfo are a hack copy of this!!!
  • mesut gulna  - server info not compatable with IE
    When i click server info on personal setting it redirects me to the custom included file. And so i am getting 404. İf u wanna i can give u a test account.

  • Mesut GÜLNAZ  - scroll not working
    i installed your plugin. it is very useful for me.
    but, when i use a lot of thing to display, some informations stays above.
    so i can not see them. because scroll is not working.
    and also the informations for users to setup their client, can not be selected by mouse. so they have to write by look at them.

    can u solve my this 2 issues?

  • cmorgenstern  - Similar issue
    I've also got a similar problem. I tried to modify the serverinfo.css file to account for the overflow, but could not get it to work (since I have no skill for HTML or CSS).

    A fix would be appreciated!
  • Uli  - Nice plugin, but a little feature more please.
    Hi you've done a big job. But if i get a lot of features enabled, the info don't scroll in a window. It only get down to the bottom under the area i can see. The bigger mail scroll down in the window of the message-area. I hope you understand it.


  • Gulzar  - Storage quota
    hello, thanks for developing such a nice plugin for roundcube. I installed the pulgin, every thing is working fine. In accound section of server info .. it showing
    Storage quota : 0 B
    Used storage : 0 B (%)

    Sure there is something wrong on server side, but can you help me to figerout the issu and how can i get real storage quota ?
    Server : apache, Administration Software: DirctAdmin
  • Johnny P  - Update
    Any more updates for version 0.7.2 ?
  • neza  - VeximAccountAdmin
    I am using the plugin but I have some issues regarding password change.It is not using the crypting scheme even if it is the same as in config/variables.php
    Does anyone has a clue about this?
  • Julien  - ServerInfo
    Nice plugin, easy to integrate!

    I'm using it to give my users access to a complete list of POP/IMAP settings from the webmail interface, brilliant.

  • Julien (again)  - Translation
    I did the French translation if you want it!
  • atomlab  - Blocklist problem
    Blocklist doesn't remain in Mysql base.
    But perfectly reads out from base.
    If i saved changes, plugin not connect to mysql database.
  • atomlab
    mysql 5.1
    Rundcube 0.5.3
  •  - Blocklist problem
    I'm Sorry. It my mistake
    All works fine.
    Good plugin!

  • techpain  - ServerInfo Plugin modification
    I'm using the ServerInfo plugin, thanks, I love it! The reason I grabbed it was because I was hoping to have it identify which mail server (in a cluster behind a loadbalancer) I was connecting to. I accomplished this by modifying serverinfo.php to use php_uname(n) instead of $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] so that it now displays the full hostname of the server running the php script ( instead of just

  • Bill Stifler  - Problem with serverinfo plugin
    When using the serverinfo plugin, I get the following error messages:
    [22-Apr-2011 21:41:18 -0600]: IMAP Error: rcube::imap_init(true) is deprecated, use rcube::imap_connect() instead in [removed]public_html/mail/program/include/rcmail.php on line 525 (GET /mail/?_task=settings&_action=plugin.serverinfo)
    [22-Apr-2011 21:41:18 -0600]: IMAP Error: rcube::imap_init(true) is deprecated, use rcube::imap_connect() instead in [removed]public_html/mail/program/include/rcmail.php on line 525 (GET /mail/?_task=settings&_action=plugin.serverinfo)

    I'm using Roundcube 0.5.1 (the next to the latest updated version).

    These seem to be the problem lines of code:

    if ($this->config['enable_quota']) {

    // inialize IMAP to get quota info
    $imap = $rcmail->imap;

    $quota = $imap->get_quota();

    // If we found quota nfo, add table rows
    if (quota) {
    $quotatotal = show_bytes($quota['total'] * 1024);
    $quotaused = show_bytes($quota['used'] * 1024) . ' (' . $quota['percent'] . '%)';

    if ($quota && ($quota['total']==0 && $rcmail->config->get('quota_zero_as_unlimited'))) {
    $quotatotal = 'unlimited';

    Is there a patch or upgrade?
  • Bill Stifler  - Easy Fix
    Once I posted, I read through your replies and saw your fix:

    Replace imap_init with imap_connect

    I should have been able to figure that out from the error log. :-)

  • Прибытков Святослав  -
    а как вы относитесь к войне Грузии и Абхазии?
  • Matt K
    Hello...Im running your serverinfo plugin on RC .4 on Win2k3 IIS with Hmail, Is is not showing me the used storage is there any particular setting for that? I also keep getting this log error?

    IMAP Error: rcube::imap_init(true) is deprecated, use rcube::imap_connect() instead in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Mail\program\include\rcmail.php on line 0 (GET /mail/?_task=settings&_action=plugin.serverinfo)
  • Fer
    you must find imap_init and replace with imap_connec in plugins/serverinfo/serverinfo.php or wherever you keep this file in windows.
  • rosali  - I have linked your site ...
    ... here:
  • Happy Roundcube User  - IMAP error in combination with roundcube 0.4
    I am evaluating roundcube 0.4-trunk and just noticed an error message in the logs:

    [10-Jun-2010 11:43:33 +0200]: IMAP Error: rcube::imap_init(true) is deprecated, use rcube::imap_connect() instead in /.../roundcubemail-trunk/program/include/rcmail.php on line 0 (GET /?_task=settings&_action=plugin.serverinfo)

    Making that change in line 104 of serverinfo.php helped :-)
  • Sam  - Roundcube Errors Fixed -
    It is imperative you keep the file - otherwise you will get database connection errors. Personally i found this unclear in the README, others may not. I found once i had both AND in the veximaccountadmin folder then we were able to establish the db connection.

    It is recommended to keep the dist file. I cant see why it has been coded like this? However happy it is now working. thanks Axel, regards Sam
  • Sam  - Roundcube / Vexim - Plugin : Database Error: Conne
    Further to my error posted below - i cant see a reason for it not to work. However we havent done any of the customisations mentioned as we have Vexim / Spamassassin working how we need them, so we started from point 6 and installed the plugin. It loads up in Roundcube 0.3.1, but keep getting a Database Error once we are on the Roundcube PLugin page - looks like the script is having difficulty making a connection to Vexim?
    Just wondered if this plugin would work - without doing the Vexim customisation that you had posted.
    Cheers in advance, Sam
    Hi there Axel. Im excited by your plugin, but have checked and double checked everything, and keep getting an error.

    I have also installed a fresh version of Roundcube, and that doesnt help. Any thoughts?
    I keep getting this error message: (from Roundcube > Settings > Account Admin)


    Unable to connect to the database!
    Please contact your server-administrator.

    My database is MySQL
    We are using Roundcube 0.3.1, mySQL 5.

    Any pointers here?

  • Anton Fedorov  - Excellent work, thanks!
    VeximAccountAdmin -- that is what i was need :) Many thanks :)
  • Bertrand CHERRIER  - Thanks again and keep up the good work !
    Your work is so great compared to what I was doing, I switch to your
    plugin, and tweak it to suit our needs.
    I've sent you the french localization, wich you could add to your next version.

    Regards from the other side of the world :)